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by Ryan Hendriks 20. January 2011 15:59

Microsoft recently released Microsoft WebMatrix. I had the opportunity to test and work on the beta for some time. I also pitted WebMatrix up against Visual Studio. Microsoft have done a few things differently in this application when compared to other Microsoft development products.

a. It has a small lightweight installer
b. It has a ribbon bar
c. It is is really fast
d. It condones cross browser (platform) compatibility
e. It has an uber cool ".cshtml" file format
f. It's free!

Microsoft have put a lot of effort into the Web Platform Installer, the tool used to install applications directly from the Internet onto your pc, both Windows apps and Web Apps. The Microsoft Web Gallery has also grown up a lot, and now includes some of the best Open Source (yes) Web Apps on the Internet.


Watch this screencast to see the software in operation. (Download)



Things I noticed:

The new .cshtml file format does not open in Visual Studio like it was meant to there. 

The DB editor is a bit lite but functional (Databases --> Expand --> Tables --> Expand --> Right Click a Table --> Definition).

The code editing does not quite have the seem code completion finness that Visual Studio has.




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